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Cancellations & Returns

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Cancellation & Returns


QuestionBrain  (QB), does its best to make sure its customers are satisfied with the level of consultancy service provided. If at any point during the consultancy period you as buyer are unsatisfied with the quality of service, the delay in consultancy service or the network performance you are welcome to send an email to the website administrator.

QuestionBrain’s administration will do their level best to make sure the users are satisfied, however if a user is not satisfied for some reason acceptable to the website administrator then all measure will be taken to find an alternate consultant to serve the user at no additional cost and the services of the previous consultant will be reallocated to other users.

For any valid reason the website administrator is unable to find an alternate consultant that is qualified to serve the user then the service will be terminated and the user will be eligible for a refund.

If the website administrator accepts the users request to terminate/cancel the consultant’s service due to poor quality then the user will still be eligible to provide a review for the consultant.

All refunds will have to be authorized by the website administrator and the amount for the consulting service will be solely refunded into the user’s bank account provided during the payment for service and under no circumstances payment will be paid to any other account, even under the instruction of the actual payee.

If you are not satisfied with the responses provided by the expert, you can review our terms and conditions for refund. We will try to offer you an option to select another expert of your choice if you are not interested we will refund your payment. However you still have the option to provide your feedback for the expert you were not pleased.