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We strive to provide the best service to our customers the ‘Buyer’. So every time a buyer logs into the website QuestionBrain, you will be directed to the home page with ‘Latest Services’ that refer to the new consultants who have enrolled local to your country, state/county and city which is the customised sourcing.

These Latest Services from consultants are free of cost for a month of their enrolment to this website QuestionBrain. After a month’s service from these consultants, their services will be charged based on the buyer feedback, ratings and the actual price quoted by the consultant for their service.

When you choose a consultant after the grace period of evaluation for the consultant, order for the service will be charged, the Buyer can choose a category for their service requirement or enter keywords to search for a particular category. On identifying a category for your requirement you will find services offered by consultants listed in an order according to the distance proximity from you, closest consultant offering service for your requirement will be on top followed by others.This is again customising service closer to your Country, State/county and city.

However you as the buyer can make your choice which consultant’s service you would like to opt for based on rating of the consultant or distance proximity or past service history is entirely your decision. On selecting a consultant’s service you make payment and on successful payment confirmation you will be allowed to reserve the consultant’s schedule either as one hour slot or 3 slots of 20 minutes each. Once you have made your reservation you cannot change it.

Each reserved slot selected in the consultant’s schedule will require you as buyer to be ready and available for the consultant’s service and at the selected time slot you will be placed in a chat session with the consultant for the duration selected by you. If you are not online during the reserved time slot and the duration for your reservation you will lose your time slot and QuestionBrain is not liable for your non availability.

However if you do have some very genuine reason for non availability please send the website QuestionBrain admin an enquiry or contact the local helpline to explain the reason for your non availability and request for the session to be re-scheduled. The rescheduled time slot cannot be guaranteed with the same consultant and time preference of your choice.