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  • How to I request, Refund of my order?
    Users must inform the website admin with their wish to cancel, in writing via website enquiries found in contact us within a period of 7 working days from their order request of service. If the consultant’s schedule does not show availability during this period of 7 working days then the website admin should be notified via website enquiries or calling up the local office for assistance.

    If the user has requested for three 20 minutes time slots then the cancellation should be requested immediately after the first 20 minute time slot and not beyond the subsequent time slots. If you are unhappy with the level of service we assure you a refund, subject to the terms and conditions of this website are adhered.  
    For further information on Cancellation, please refer to the returns policy of this website.
  • What to do if consultant refuse to provide service after payment?
    Don't worry, as mentioned in the "Return Policy" section, the user will report to the website admin via the "enquires option of contact us. The admin will make all attempts to help resolve the issue, and even recommend other equally good or better consultants as replacement options. However in unforeseen circumstances the refund can be discussed and considered.

    However please note the delay from the consultant's response could be due to high volume of user engagements, due to personal problems or due to the consultant being away on vacation. Either case the admin should be able to take necessary steps and advice you accordingly on the decision taken.

  • How do i place an order?
    Placing your first order at QuestionBrain? You have to register as a buyer in this website to place any orders. The Ordering at QuestBrain is easy and simple.  Just select the consultant(s) either by using advanced search options or by choosing the right category and subcategories. Enter your billing address and payment information, you will then be taken into a chat session with the consultant, if consultant is not available on chat, you can send an email to the consultant via the chat client. You will also be presented with the consultant's contact details via email used during registration. If you need any assistance give us a call. We would love to take your order over phone.

    The chat session is useful for online consultancy while we do have options for short and long term contracts this can be ordered by following the link here.
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Total Records : 5